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Soy, Iodine, and Gluten in multivitamins

I have 3 different bottles of multivitamins at my house because the first one I was taking I realized had 100% of my iodine, so I bought another and realized it had gluten in it, so I bought a third and realized it has soy in it and soy may be the cause of my acne.

I usually drink about 3 glasses of soy milk a day, so I was getting a lot. Will just that little bit in my multivitamin be okay or should I look for new multivitamins again?

I'm taking one-a-day for men, btw.

Thanks for your help! :)

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Are you absolutely sure that iodine affects you? Remember that it's an essential mineral just like the rest of them, and if you've cut out processed foods from your diet, your iodine intake will have already dropped sharply, and unless you eat plenty of seafood, you're more likely to be getting inadequate iodine rather than the other way around.

For the soy: if you're drinking 3 cups of soymilk a day, then of course a little bit in your multivitamin won't do anything to you. But I have to ask, why are you drinking 3 cups a day? Soy milk is okay for some but if you're having three servings of it then you're risking getting hormonal effects and/or negative effects from all the phytic acid.

As for the gluten, I would try if I were you to find one that promises no gluten, because even tiny amounts of the stuff can evoke a reaction from your immune system.

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