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Advice needed on stubborn nodule-thingies

Gah. After daring to type in a post that I was maybe 80-90% clear, it occurred to me that maybe I should clear up the warzone on my right cheek before I continue to type such foolishly optimistic rubbish. >_<

Okay, I have these three or four big things on my cheek. I think maybe they're nodules; they don't have a "head" as such, but instead a little bruised circle in the middle and redness around them. I can feel hard lumps under my skin where they are. I've been putting Dan's BP on them between two and three times a day (accompanied by moisturiser and emu oil) and they won't die. They're not massively swollen, but it looks messy, and they've been there for about two goddamn weeks. And they're surrounded by tiny red marks, so it looks like a massive cluster of acne, made all the more prominent by the fact that the rest of my face is almost completely active-spot-free.

Should I go to my doctor and ask for something? Would icing help? Please, someone help me evict these squatters from my face. It's really getting me down...

I took a photo, but it's not much help because they just show up as red splodges. >_<

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These are more likely cysts, sabeceous cysts

what you can do is ice it (indirectly), apply bp on it, and LEAVE IT ALONE

When you go to the derm, he can give you a cortishone shot which can eliminate it. cysts suck 10x more than regular pimples, but you have to leave them alone, dont pick them

Apply ice.

Take ibuprofen or naproxen sodium.

Do not mess with the lesion anymore AT all.

Antibiotic cream/ointment and a band aid for night.



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Thanks. I was planning to try out the ice method sometime anyway, so might give that a go tomorrow. After poring over the "Types of Acne" section yet again, I'm starting to wonder if these are papules instead. Meh.

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