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I'm sick of my acne...I remember just about less then a year ago my face was crystal clear..

Acne is a sickening thing. There was this one kid that had alot of acne and Id always make fun of him aboutt his zits and so on and I had thought that I will never get acne EVER. But Karma bit me in the ass pretty hard..Now i personally feel for anyone who does have harsh acne...

Ive tried so much stuff already. ProActive, some special kind of soap for acne, doxycycl and benzoyl peroxide %10 (which im using right now, its my first month) I have oily skin.

So if anyone can tell me how to use benzoyl peroxide and doxycycl (which is a pill) RIGHT so it can be more effective against my acne...i hope you guys will reply..

THANKS ALOT GUYS...appreciate it very much

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hey u should try this bp called zapzyt..it's a really strong bp but it worked really well for me..only use it as a spot treatment..DON'T use too much or else it will burn your skin and make it worse since that's gonna clog things up..only use a small amount and rub in into the skin and it should be invisible..it's cheap too so you should just give it a shot

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