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9 months on low dose over

hi everyone,

i have completed 9 months on 20mg a day. my skin is better, i produce far less oil, i get maybe 2 spots a week now that don't come to a head ever and fade fairly quick.

however i'm not totally satisfied with the results. i have v bad skin tone and texture. i get red blemishes still and v bad razor burn and shaving nicks. my skin is extremely sensitive, made worse by the accutane which dries the skin.

i'm v worried to stop the accutane as i'm convinced my skin will soon deteriorate again.

does anyone have any suggestions?

i am going to use red / blue light treatment, as well as t tree cream and spot sticks. i also plan to spend some time in the sun when i can! to add to all this i take some homeopathic drops that are supposed to help and i drink lots of water each day.

anyone got any suggestions? i feel like i will just end up back on accutane in 6 months time anyway.


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Red+blue light is very good, the beauty skin is one of the best units but it is bulky... I personally recommend using the light therapy with some form of exfolient, azleic acid is very good for evening out redness aswell, if you use the azleic acid atleast every night, coupled with daily use of home light therapy, i am sure you will be very happy with the results.

I personally wouldn't recomend any of the retinoids if you have sensitive skin, no matter how weak.

Use the above and i am certain you won't need tane again in 6 months...

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