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L-Lysine and Acne

Lysine is an essential amino acid (essential means that we cannot make it ourselves, need it from an outside source like food) and I'm assuming L-lysine is one of its isomeric forms

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Interesting...I am prone to cold sores but almost NEVER got them before I went dairy free...All of the sudden I've been getting them every month or so..totally ridiculous! I've also had really dry skin despite a much gentler topical routine...... So I think I've discovered something: dairy has a very good lysine-arginine ratio, soy doesn't...so replacing dairy with soy has upset my good lysine to arginine ratio which is almost definitely the reason I'm getting cold sores...I don't know if it's connected with my dry skin, or if it will help with my remaining acne, but i'm planning to take 500 mg per day. I got a cold sore yesterday and took the lysine and today it already looks and feels better...

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Guest missyjean130

i took it for acne,not cold sores. I was taking it for...3-4 months...nothing seemed to changed.

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