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Revitol: Acnezine

After reading some things on this site I remembered I bought Revitol: Acnezine a while back. I read a lot of good reviews on it and ordered it.

After two weeks I stopped taking it. The capsules (for me, not being a pill taker) were too big for me to swallow. So what I would do is open the capsule, put it in warm tea and drink it. It tasted & smelled horrible!

I couldnt keep up with that and stopped.

Now when I find myself more unhappy with my skin I wonder if I should have stuck with it. The reviews I read on the web were great.

Has anyone tried it? What was your results like?

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i haven't tried it, though i'm ordering it now.

i read on a different site that the acnezine can also make powders, gels, capsules, and liquids.

i've never tried to take a pill before, :X but am going to try.

about how big was the pill?

if someone could post a picture that'd be great.

or just explain the size to some relative household object.

i just want to know what im getting myself into xD

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I have been using acnezine for 1 year now and it seems to work on me. It depends on your skin type though. I tried it first from their free trial then liked the product and continued using it. I got it from www.revitolacnezinereviews.com They also summed up everything about it there. Hope this helps!

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