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Evening Primrose Oil

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Hi, if anyone is taking EPO for skin health, what dosage are you using, and is it helping? Have you increased your omega 3 consumption to balance out the additional omega 6 from the EPO?

If it worked, how long to see results?

Also, do you apply topically as well as take internally?

Thanks very much! Although my skin is about 80% clear with the DKR, I hate the fact that my face hurts/itches/flakes from dryness and am looking for some other solution that is kinder to my skin.

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I've been taking EPO but it comes together with Cod Liver Oil and the dosage is about 500 mg, taken once a day at night.

I actually didn't know that your suppose to balance out additional omega 6 from EPO by taking more omega 3 until you mentioned it here. Can someone explain that more for me? I've actually been taking more omega 6 because I take omega 3,6,9 + EPO + olive oil. I think that's too much but I'm going to stop omega 3,6,9 and just take omega 3 as soon as the bottle runs out.

As for results, I've been taking zinc + calcium/magnesium at the same time as EPO, so I'm not sure which one is doing more but I have no pimples! :dance: Hopefully this helped you out. Good luck!

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Ideally, we want a 1:1 ratio or 1:4 max ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. In our diet, it's usually way out of whack, which is why supplementing with omega 3s is a great idea. However, if we then add in more omega 6 in the form of a supplement, it seems to me that we'd need to increase the omega 3 dose to compensate. However, I haven't found any research on this. I'm just curious if other people have reached this same conclusion.

Well, yesterday I took 2g of EPO orally, and applied the contents of one capsule to my skin over the top of bp, before moisturizing. I had considerably less stinging than usual, which was great, but this morning my face is still flaky.

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