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Who has some of Dans BP they can sell?

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I would like 1-2 tubes, just to test the gel out, but when going through the acne.org shop, the shipping is too high for such a long delivery time, and few products, also as i live in the UK, i have heard people get charged a large amount due to customs and tax, which I do not want to pay. So if anyone has any for sale in the UK, please reply.



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Sorry Alex, if people in the UK want to buy Dan's BP, they have to pay for the shipping. Even if someone did have some to sell, I would think they would pass on those shipping and customs charges. I know it's not the answer you want to hear though! Think you will just have to pay the charges.

I've just worked this out for you in terms of cost:

Dan's BP costs $32 for a 16 oz bottle. With shipping costs, this turns into $47. Converted to UK pounds, this is about £23.50 for the same 16 oz bottle.

Oxy-on-the-Spot retails at about £3.89 for a 20ml bottle in the UK.

So, via some fairly simple maths, Dan's BP works out at 5pence per ml. Add on a suggested customs charge of £7 (from a previous post), which you may not have to pay, means that Dan's BP is about 6 pence per ml.

Oxy-on-the-Spot costs 19 pence per ml if you buy it in a shop in the UK.

So, Dan's BP = 6p per ml

Oxy-on-the-Spot = 19p per ml.

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customs charges applies only if the product is £18 or more, as long as you are only buying the bp you should not get hit by customs.

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