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Little background cliffnotes:

2nd course

1 1/2 week in

60mg prescribe

Ok, day 1 and 2 took 60mg but got headaches so i stop on day 3, day 4 dropped down to 30mg and being taking 30mg day 5,6,7,8... then day 9 i started to getting really dry on the face, my existing pimples have gotten dry skin over it but their like huge pimples like a cyst. day 10 i start to get really worry cuz my face is so dry ( i've been using the recomended Olay Complete w/ SPF from the site) so i took myself off accutane AGAIN. This is cuz when i took a shower yesterday and dried my face, there were pimple cuts and 10 minutes later, some sort of wierd liquid puss starts coming out slowly. I slept and overnight those liquid puss solidified and turned into this mild hardly crystall (like a sugar grain). This morning, i notice that both sides of my mouth is getting extremely dry, i can't even yawn without in pain. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Im freaking out, i wish there was a pill i could take to flush my body with oil so my face would loosen up. I just wana hide indoors. I gave a shout to my dermo and going to see her within the hours. I hope she has some clue.

And for the record, i my experience, i am fully convince that Sotret is to blame. That brand got some wierd side affects. I was on amnesteem on my first course and that was a breeze to get through, I will going to ask my dermo if there is a difference between the two brand.

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