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Which way of detoxing to start with? Digestion issues.

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Hello. :)

I've never really tried to detox my liver/system other than through my flexible diet (low carb/high protein)

But I would like to start out easy, to see what happens. So I wont do a full liver detox. Might start with some mild detoxing. I've been drinking Yogi Tea with Milk Thistle, and it helped a bit. I don't think it broke me out at all, but I would like to know other ways of detoxing.

I don't got any active pimples anymore, and I've only had one in 2 months (and i'm sure it was because of overeating/bad digestion). But basicly i'm totally clear and I only got my stupid red marks left, which I'm starting to get away with my ACV toner, Emu oil, a little more protein and some nice sleep. It's hard, but im adjusting.

So I would really like to know what I can do about my poor digestion, or a way to detox myself without starting with a full liver flush?

Any help is apreciated,


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Before beginning any sort of detox, are you sure that your bad digestion isn't related to some sort of health problem? Do you have any other symptoms? For my part I don't know if a rapid detox is really healthy, but I've never tried it so I can't reallt comment. Personally I like the old fashioned way: lots of clean water and fruits and veggies alongside a healthy diet and activity level. This is just my opinion, but if your body can't normalize itself this way then there is probably something wrong with your health...

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Digestion has much more to do with what you eat, your nutrition levels and your lifestyle than detox. Detox can help temporarily, but if those others aspects are not in order you'll slide back to where you are now.

This is just my two pennies, but high protein (meaning also high fat) diet is not conductive for good digestion. It lacks fiber, minerals and other micronutrients you need for effective digestions. Plust fat and protein take awfully long time to digest; as compared to fruits, vegetables and other more natural foods for humans.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I'm eating high protetein and low carb and my digestion got better since when I ate grains and using soya milk. I'm only doing water now, and its giving me so much more energy.

Im not really active atm, I mean like sports and stuff. So that might be a slight problem for me.

I'm starting taking Psyllium Husks once a day between meals today. I'm sure that will help a bit. And im ofc getting my minerals and vitamins. Im into the whole supplementss thing, so i've taken care of that already. But im still adjustning my supplements.

But I think I should start exercising a bit more, that might help me alot. And with some fiber supplements I should be fine. Havent had any digestion problems this week. Only in the weekend where I ate kinda lot. But thats almost over now, and I didnt break out at all. So that was kinda lucky.

Any other supplements I could start taking to help my digestion, or anything else I could do?

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