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Grain Rice + Lemon Home Remedy??

Hi, i saw this home remedy from somewhere and i would like to try. the thing is i have sensitive skin and it has lemon in it! so i am kind of reluctant but i want something that Works for my acnes!!


* 2 Hand full of grain rice(soak it overnight with water)

* 1 Lemon

Ways to create this face mask

* Take out the excess water out from the grain rice.

* Blend the grain rice finely with blender.

* Squeez the lemon in the blended grain rice.

* Mix well and put in freezer for 30min.

* Use it for atleast 30min everyday.

*For around 1 week you will able to see the different depending on your acne.

Please take note

* Depending on your acne.It will sting a little or maybe alot.Like I'hv said depending on your acne.

"I've been doing this since I was 14 when I had really bad breakouts.

Thank god for my mother to help me go through the acne moments.Till now I'm free from acne.I will have 1 acne during menses and It will go really fast without any marks or scar.Therefore I want to share this with all.This is not something that will happen overnight.You have to be patience.As all says.. ''Patience Is A Virtue''

Not only my mother helps me.She helps my cousins,her friends and ect.

And I must say it works for all.Soo I hope it works for you too.Give it a try."

<--- from the girl who got this remedy from her mum.

so, anyone? hm.. maybe i should give it a go..

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Um...MAYBE it might help with red marks because it has lemon juice? Also, if it's stored in the freezer, it MIGHT help with swelling becasue of the cold. But I can't really see what else it would do. There's nothing in it that will reduce oil, kill bacteria, or exfoliate. So I doubt it would clear your skin up.

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