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Diet & Acne

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I would definetelty say that whole grains and such that are unprocessed are much better. your body will be more adaquately able to process these carbs. the more "natural" it is, the better.

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if it takes 8 to 12 weeks for a pimple to form then an outbreak i get today is a result of food i ate 8-12 weeks ago?

how does anyone here remember what they ate 8- 12 weeks ago?

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I'm faar from an expert at this, but a lot of what was asked are somewhat the basis of myths and fear to continually enslave us into thinking that food couldn't possibly play bigger role in our lives. If food was sooo harmless, then we could eat whatever we wanted, right? Yet, the FDA advocates a "balanced diet" in order for us to grow

big and strong"...hmm

You, apparently can't make LOTS of money off of something, unless it's patented. So that's why accutane, a Vitamin A derivative, is now a huge seller in the Acne business. People get similar results from large amounts of vitamin A, etc, BUT the pharmaceutical industry can't sell natural products at these exorbently high prices. As a result, there's a bit of a question floating around about the govt. in several countries trying to either make Herbs & Vitamins something that only a Dr. can Prescribe, or eliminate more of them from our OTC use.

It's an extremely sad thing because they do work, and they are learning just how dangerous or helpful these supplements can be. There's plenty of natural treatments that WILL get the job done, you just have to be a bit more patient with them. Of course, if you don't have the patience, go ahead and take the synthetic drugs, they usually will work faster. There's no reason to not start out taking medications and then gradually incorporate ways to make your treament more natural, holistic, so that you can still be healthy. =)

That's where I am NOW. I've found alternatives for everything, including Spiro. Except, that I'm in a Safe Zone at the moment and have no intentions of just Dropping Spiro without first incorporating it's herbal substitues into my treatment. If they work, then I'll continue to reduce my spiro intake and if I don't see any negatives, I'll completely eliminate it. Otherwise, my only other internal treatment is my dietary changes.

I can't confirm or deny EXACTLY how long it takes to breakout, but I have a feeling it really does depend on the Aggrevator. Internal and External products react differently and if your skin or body doesn't agree or is allergic (usually the problem) with something you will KNOW within a period of HOURS to several DAYS. Otherwise, I've heard that it can take as long as 3 months for a breakout.

Like I said earlier, these diets are very personal and specific for YOU. I can tell you where to start, but it doesn't mean that's where you will end up.

Some people only need to avoid extra sugar that comes from Candy, Soda, etc. --this is just because it can raise your insulin levels which raises your hormone levels

Others needed to avoid Cholesterol inducing fats--cholesterol is the source of what your hormones are made from...reduce this and you could reduce extra hormones you don't want.

Others needed to avoid processed foods and grains and eat whole grains instead.

Others neede to avoid allergens--Top ones are: Milk, Egg, Peanut. Tree nut (walnut, cashew, etc.), Fish, Shellfish, Soy, and Wheat ....---notice any SIMILARITES???

Others needed to avoid only one food group, such as WHEAT, Dairy, Nightshades, or Salicylate products. --reduces (mucous) insulin mimickers, insulin spikes, inflammatory reactions (cystic acne).

Others needed to eliminate Gluten (mainly wheat, barely, rye) grains BUT can still eat other grains. --reasoning is that Gluten protein can act like Insulin so, drop the insulin mimmicker and you've reduced the amount of insulin that will raise your hormones.

Others needed to eliminate ALL grains. ---same reasons

Where as, others needed to avoid Lectins (ALL Grains, Bananas, Nightshades-legumes, beans, cashews, peanuts, tomatoes, white potatos, rice, peppers).--same reason as above inflammatory reactions and insulin spiking. Since Lectins are another protein that can act like Insulin, essentially when you eat an Insulin Mimmicking food, you are bringing forth at least a double dose of Insulin in your System

ALL of the above choices and then some- many POSSIBILITES- have worked to nearly clear, but usually COMPLETELY clears the RIGHT person for the diet. Meaning, some people started out avoiding one of the above and realized that by eliminating one more food item, they were perfectly clear. Where as others, started out avoiding the more "strict" of the diets, LECTINS, and realized that they could incorporate in a few more foods. That's why I said it's a bit like "trial and error" because you may not get it perfect the first time, but if you see the results, and you keep trying and testing things out, you will get there.

It may be that diet clears you only 50% no matter how strict you go, or that it could clear you 100%. I don't know your genetics, I only know mine and I know that eliminating mainly Gluten Grains has made a HUGE difference. That's the way it is for me. I dont miss anything. If I do want something, I can and have gotten GF pasta (tastes much much better), GF muffins, GF waffles, GF Beagles, GF cookies, GF crackers, GF cakes, GF Breads (don't like what I've tried so far), etc With the Gluten Free (GF) diet, there is NO lack of anything because there are subsitutes out there. I mean, 30% of the population is possibly at the very least Gluten Intolerant, so of course they've made substitues =)

I will say that you get plenty of nutrients from your diet and, if you like vitamins, that you would never lack from anything if you were to even eliminate ALL grains. My diet used to be around 70% carbs. I thought I was doing the healthy thing. I thought by eating protein and carbs I would gain weight. Although, I only ever noticed wieght gain from protein. I LOVED grain carbs and would eat sandwiches and cereal daily. I loved good tasting bread with meals, breakfast bars, crackers, etc. While I NEVER craved these foods, they do say that if you crave foods and you are getting them daily, then you could possibly be addicted to them. The thing with addictions is that usually you're addicted to things that are BAD for you. Yes, if you don't low carb appropriately you may find that you aren't very happy. It's usually your body withdrawing OR you aren't eating enough good foods to replace what you gave up.

This is just a small hunch, but if your acne is mild, then giving up one specific food item or added sugar may be ALL you need to do. If you could tell more about your eating habits and what your family's health history is that, might help me, more importantly you, see a pattern. I know that low carbing is healthier all around because diabetes has occured on my fathers side of the family. Wieght issues etc, abound on my mothers side. I know that I'm either PCOS or INSULIN RESISTANT and as a result have higher ANDROGEN levels, so doing this made a lot of sense for my health in the future. Despite the testimonials from other people, I NEVER imagined how positively this could affect me.

I've also realized that yes, if I drink soda, I will breakout. Here's the trick with that: If you avoid something for a few weeks, and then bring it back, if it's your aggrevator, you will notice a breakout within a few days. IF you DO breakout, it will probably be cystic and more stubborn than anything you've ever had. This seems to be what most people say, but it could also depend on how aggrevating that particular culprit is in your body. All I know, is that while my skin is nearly clear, I do get the above breakouts when I tackle too much soda, gluten grains, or certain lectins (still testing this one). That in itself is also enough to make me NEVER want to touch that food item again. ;-)

So if you want more help in figuring out where to start just let me know the above and maybe, I can help you see a pattern.

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I see a lot of "problematic" foods there...oh where to begin ;-) Say, how old are you? How long have you had acne and are you a male or female?

Do you have any other hormonal imbalances, health issues? Do any diseases or imbalances run in your family? Are you willing to give up some of your fav. for 2 weeks? ;-)

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Yes! I'm willing to try ANYTHING...anyway i'm a 17year old female...I have an oily tzone, and thats where i get pimples and some blackheads(mainly on my forehead)...never any cysts and never any acne on my cheeks... My parents never got bad acne...although they probably did in their teens. My mother has slight rossacia? (sorry cant spell it,) but i dont seem to have that thank God...At the moment i'm washing with oxy daily facial wash, and trying to eat a bit of fruit...

I'm alergic to some things but not food...so this cant be the problem...btw i have had acne since i was about 13/14

Thanks so much for your help


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A diet of some sort might help you, but I'm not sure you would have to follow one as "strict" as some that I've mentioned. I know that allergies are considered an auto immune response and that Gluten and Lectins and other food proteins can ignite this response in susceptible individuals. On various boards I've read that following some form of an elimination diet or avoiding certain foods, preservatives, dyes or salicylates cleared the individual of that particular allergic reaction (runny nose, sneezing, rashes, acne, stomach problems, etc). Yes there are more specific allergy tests out there to detect this. What kinds of things are you allergic to?

You are still young enough that puberty may still be messing with you. While your patience may have run out, there's still hope that in another year or two it will be over. Have you noticed any decreases in oily skin or breakouts over the years? Have you ever been on Birth Control?

Now, aside from the Oxy Wash, what are you using on your skin? A mask, toner, treatment product? Perhaps what's going on here is that you are using something that might be making your skin worse. You don't have bangs do you? What about your makeup? Are you familar with this listing http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm to check for pore cloggers? I used to live by this and an Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary, but I've learned pretty much what to avoid now. ; -)

Also, I so don't want to ask this but you don't have stomach, yeast infections, or constipation problems do you? Sometimes people don't realize that this could also be the culprit for them. People have cleared smaller forms of acne that was due to the above, by eating more fiber (yeah the fruits and vegetables), taking probiotics or a candida cleansing supplement. So there's definately a few possibilities for ya, so take your time and get back to me when you can.

Take care and have Great weekend =)

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Hi SweetJade- Here's what I normally might eat on any given day. I think I eat very healthy, but maybe there's something in my diet that I'm missing.

yogurt, choc. soy milk & reg. skim milk, tons of fruits and veggies every day, raisin bran, sandwich with lunch meat, no fat cheese and 100% whole wheat bread, grilled chicken, long grain 100% brown rice, fruit juice, a ton of water, and every once in awhile some hershey's kisses :D

I do not have any allergies to food - however I have horrible dust, pollen and animal allergies (I almost ALWAYS have the sniffles!), I feel that my stomach is very sensitive to food, I take a daily vitamin and am on birth control. I'm 20, and my parents did not have bad acne at all. My brother had a bit but it lasted for a year during puberty and disappeared when he turned 18.


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Hey, well im allergic to animal fur especially cats! but this cant be contributing to the problem can it? Also the oxy facial wash had salicyic acid...ive heard this is bad...

I dont use a toner/cleanser etc...just moisturize with vaseline cream after washing...I've stopped using oxy and have now opted for a neutrogena perfume free soap bar. I'm not on the regimine cause i wanted to see if perhaps diet affects my acne...But if i cant see reults soon im afriad i;m going to have to go back on! Also i heard birth control pills make acne worse...

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I havent found that diet influences acne in my case, but drinking tons of water has helped. i was on BCP for 2 yrs ...it didnt change anything...but once I stopped taking them, I broke out and it was a lot worse than when I first started BCP....but thats only from my personal experience :evil: Before BCP, I had acne on my forehead and occasonally on my chin, but after I stopped BCP, I started to get acne on my cheeks too :cry: Now, I only have a few pimples on the sides of my face near the hairline. I think my acne has gotten better now even b4 I started Dan's regimen, but the BP helps a lot so maybe itd work 4 u too! :D Good Luck!


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Hey any help would be appreciated Jade. Im currently 17 and Ive had acne for about 2 years. Ive been trying very hard to get rid of it but no matter what I do it seems to maybe help a little but never get me clear. I guess i have light-moderate acne. I have probably 6 active pimples, maybe more, currently most of which have whiteheads but are not to big. Most are on my chin, nose or center of my forehead. I never get acne on my cheeks but I do have a little bit on the sides near my hairline. I occasionally probably once every one or two weeks will get a bigger cystic-painful pimple or two. Another problem I have is my nose always seems to be very red and I have blackheads on it. I also experiance redness in other spots. Currently my routine invovles waking up at like 630am (school sucks), shower using dove soap, then I use some Neutrogena 2.5 BP and moisturize. I then wash my face again around 5pm and then a final time at like 11pm before sleep. I eat like the same things everyday so hopefully you can help me here. In the morning I usually have a big blueberry muffin for breakfeast. Then for lunch I usually have two peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches on whole wheat bread along with oatmeal cookies. I will sometimes have a bagel with cream cheese or turkey (with mayo and tomatoes) on a roll. I usually make a afternoon snack of chicken with melted cheese on a hamburger roll with tomatoes and lettuce and mayo. I also eat triscuts and oatmeal cookies throughout the day. As for dinner, whatever my mom makes, its usally either some meat or pasta. I sometimes will make another night snack of the chicekn sandwhich or peanut butter and jelly again. Also, I eat some peanuts throughout the day. The only drink I drink ever is water and lately ive been adding lemon juice to it. As for supplements Ive started taking Vitamin E and Zinc. I very very rarely eat junk food. I dont usually eat salads or fruits. Thats about it. I see how my friends eat, ones with great skin, and it makes me mad cause I think I eat so much more healthy then they do but I still have acne. But perhaps Im eating some of the wrong foods. Also I dont eat dairy products, I think they give me stomach problems. If you could please give me some suggestions on what foods may be causing problems and also suggest some easy alternatives. I can basically learn to like anything as long as its easy to prepare. I could easily switch over to a mostly chicken, eggs, tuna and salad diet or someting like that. Please help me.

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Well first of all, sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. I know how every second counts when it comes to these blasted breakouts. So you sould definately start a proper skincare regimen. Even if Diet does or doesn't help you, you still NEED to treat Existing breakouts.

There's actually a variety of treatments you can go on if you diet doesn't help you out. Although if your acne is androgen induced it should clear up more with a diet change. Or since your's isn't of the cystic kind maybe you could try using a small dose of Spironolactone. Or you can go on Birth Control Pills. NOT all BC will break you out, I believe those that do contained testosterone..... Anyway, I started out on them (tri-levlen) and I never broke out as a result. Infact the BC reduced my Free Testosterone by 50% in 3 months time! Unfortunately, that's about as good as it got. Have you ever been to an endocrinologist or had your homone levels checked?

So it really depends on how severe and stubborn your acne is. You infact may clear up with the help of Digestive Enzymes or Probiotics (incase you're dealing with a bit of Candida). On another board, some people with smaller types of acne, seem to do well with one of the above. Yet if you want to go the diet route, definately eat MORE fruits and Vegetables and then you won't need that much more water =) Whle you're at it, see if you can reduce your Bread/Grain intake by at least 50% for the next 2 weeks.

You can do this by not eating any sandwiches or bagels for the next 2 weeks. Or you can avoid eating any bread products: Bread, cakes, donuts, bagels, cookies, crackers, and pasta. It's up to you, but if you go the entire elimination route you'll be able to know a lot faster if Grains, or certain ones, are a problem for you. OR You can do the same thing by avoiding milk or all dairy products for 2 weeks or candy for 2 weeks. Since you're still in school, which one seems the most appealing to you?

Hmm...these are all valid treatments, yet they ALL probably aren't neccessary for you. In fact, I'm betting that the right skincare will take care of your problem. There's nothing wrong with Salicylic Acid, unless you are sensitive to it. Have you ever tried Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask? This is a great mask that helps people remove blackheads and dry up pimples. Yet, it's not overly drying so it shouldn't aggrevate your T-Zone. I've always liked Paula's Choice 2% BHA solution. Even though it has Salicylic acid in it, it's moisturizing (while on), exfoilating, healing, and never burns or leaves a mark. If you're interested in other skincare suggestions, just let me know.

Take care

P.S. Do you think you can NOT moisturize with Vaseline cream (lotion or gel?)?? That definately has pore cloggers... Email Denise at [email protected] She's great, I've been using her Face Dream lotion for over 3 years (never a breakout), customizable, scentable, and trial sizes are available.

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Hi there,

Your diet does sound very good actually. Yes, you're allowed to indulge every now and then. ;-) Yet since you do have allergies and stomach sensitivities, food may influence you more than you think. I'm not sure, but did you say what types of acne you have? Also, if you could read the post I wrote to Fifi and answer those questions/suggestions too that would be great.

Oh yeah, what do you mean by stomach problems? Bloating, cramping, constipation,etc? If you have problems digesting foods, have a candida problems, or allergies/intolerances these would by symptoms. While you think abou thtat, here's some websites I want you to visit and see if you can relate:







Take care =)

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately BP burns and leaves dark marks so it essentially is a wasted effort on me. Yet the RIGHT skincare is important and I'm glad Dan's regimen has helped you =)

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Hello there,

Wow, you'll are so sweet. I hope in some way I can help, and while I've tested out a variety of things, I'm not an expert, just remember that ;-)

I really hope that you and Fifi....all of us (but i'm past it) are nearing the end of puberty and this will clear up. Since you've got T-Zone acne, you might benefit from a mask. Have you ever tried a clay or fruit mask to help dry up or gently exfoilate your skin? I mentioned the Clay one above and the fruit one I like is Jason Naturals Papaya-Pineapple Enzyme Peel, but I've heard some ladies raving about the Juicy Line (never tried it though).

Those red spots, are these all over your cheeks or only where your acne used to be? If its' where your acne used to be, then it may be due to BP, it tends to leave marks for some people. If it's all over, do you think it looks like Rosacea? Also, what mositurizer are you using?

I don't know if you read what I wrote to Fifi, but if you could and then answer those same questions (unless you already have) that would be great. =) Yup, I do see A LOT of Bread in your diet. Wow, it reminds me of my old diet, lol Otherwise, you are doing some good things there with those supplements. How much Zinc are you taking? Vit. E? Just remember to eat more salads and fruit, they'll help detox your body and provide moisture, fiber, and nutrients. Lemon thing is good for you water, you picked that up off of some sort of Mucous Foods thread, right? ;-)

Talk to you later

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Hey, to answer your questions, no Ive never tried a mask, I look into buying whichever one you suggest. For the red marks, they are from old acne and I think the BP causes them. The moisturizer Im using is Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF 15. Ive been having problems because I notice that on my current regimine my skin is very dry and flaky after I wash it and I have to use alot of moisturizer then later in the day my face is very oily. What would you suggest I cut out of my diet? Bread, peanuts, ect? Which do you think is giving the most problems? Also are eggs ok cause I can make eggs instead of eating muffins and sandwhiches. I just started takeing 60mg of Zinc a day. I also take 800 IU of vit. E. As for the Lemon thing I brought a book which says diet is the reason for acne but the solutions it suggests to detox my body seem a little bit to harsh to me, fasting and drinking just lemon juice for 1-3 days a week. Im already skinny so I cant afford to do this. Ill do just about anything else. What does your diet consist of?

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Personally, the following helped me in terms of diet.

Less cheese, whether it be regular or processed. It's not like I don't eat it but it's a treat. When I eat I eat the skimmed ones.

Stop eating butter, if you insist in using it, get the low fat one from Becel and eat less of it.(it's in a pink container.)

Cook with Olive oil! This stuff is great.

Look at the label of foods. Avoid garbage that has junk like soybean oil. (I read that this is like the worst oil you can eat, but it's dirt cheap so it's everywhere.) It's usually found in frozen foods, instant foods like pasta and sauce, sauce mixes, canned food, salad dressing, pesto, etc. One summer my parents went away on vacation and I ate frozen dinners for 3 weeks when I was home. Guess what happened to my face... :)

Avoid spicy foods like curry and satay cuz it's damn oily, usually with cheap oil again and the spices aggrivates your skin, but o' so good...(damn, I miss this.)

Cut back on caffine. But sometimes the java siren beckons and just have to have a cup.(I miss this the most.)

I avoid shrimps and crabs all together. I'm allergic to them. Not only do I break out after eating I get itchy too. And my mom who is acne prone breaks out after eating sea food. Plus the western way of cooking them tend to be bad for you. e.g garlic butter on shrimp and lobster will kill your face. If you eat them, try eating it the Asian way, steam them with garlic paste, green onions and soy sauce.

Obviously, chose leaner cuts of meat. Stuff like breakfast sausage, bacon, and chicken skin is a disaster waiting to happen.

Instead of using cream to thicken up sauces or soups, try using corn starch.

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Well some people find the Queen Helene Mint Julep to be too harsh and others find it to be perfect. It of course is used to help dry up your acne so you may prefer to spot treat with it. Or you can use a fruit enzyme type mask that has Pineapple, Papaya, Pumpkin, and/or Cranberry to unclog pores and gently exfoilate dry skin. That's why I really don't use clay masks anymore, I prefer the fruit one's instead. You can purchase these or make your own ;-) Brands too look at are:

Jason Natural's Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Peel (love this one, but they changed formula and it's not as effective),

Totally Juicy's Apple Deep Pore Peel Off Mask (very tempting)

Totally Juicy's Grapefruit Peel Off Mask (another tempter...I've heard the raves on this stuff)

(their scrubs look good too, but all those oils worry me a bit)

Oh yeah, I bet that the BP is what's drying your skin to such a degree. What percentage is it? what brand? I posted a list of products on a new topic incase you'd like to find a replacement. Also, is this the formula you are using as your moisturizer? http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...-PD-PLST-0-SRCH If so, good job this shouldn't be aggrevating your brakeouts ;-)

As for your diet, if you want to give up something, try dropping the breads for at least 2 weeks. In replacement go ahead and eat more protein, like the eggs, and don't forget to eat MORE fruits and Vegetables and everthing else.

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