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Forehead acne doesn't seem to clear

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Hiii, everyone! I'm new to the board.

This site seems very helpful.

Okay, so anyways, I NEVER get acne on my cheeks. My breakout spots are my forehead and my chin.

Lately, I've had this breakout on my forehead that is SO annoying because I workout in the morning at school, so I have to shower, cleanse, moisturize all at school. :P

The thing is, I don't have bangs(well, side bangs) but I often hold them back. I wash my hair daily and rinse well.

Other info:

I use Liquid Neutrogena as cleanser

Alcohol-Free Toner from Neutrogena

Clean and Clear Morning Glow(which I love!)


Typically just Almay Clear Complexion(which I highly recommend).

Sooo, why is my forehead breaking out? It's lowering my self esteem. :[

And does that aspirin/honey/water mask work? I heard fantastic reviews.





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Nobody knows why exactly come parts of the body break out and some don't. great that you keep your bangs away from your face though. That certainly helped me a lot.

Don't know if you already do this but make sure when you wash your hair that the shampoo doesn't go on your forehead.

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Yea definatly watch out for letting that shampoo hit your face. I also am testing out getting some water from fridge to splash face and clean since its filtered. I am doing this cause figured maybe our hard water has something to do with it.

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