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Is a moisturizer with SPF a must?

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As the topic stands, summer is coming to Finland and the sun is already shining. I've been doing so great with the regimen and I wouldn't want to mess it up by testing new products that fit my skin. So is it really a must?

As a sidenote, I've only once burnt my skin in Finland, and that was while spending multiple days outside under the sun with no real protection. As of know, I haven't been using anything with an SPF at the summer. I don't sunbathe and if I plan on spending the whole day outside I find some cover from the sun.

Yet feel free to recommend something.

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This is something I'm wondering about as well. I live in Denmark and while the sun is out, I'm never directly in it for more than 20 mins.

Also I'm not a sun bather and I think the last time I got a tan or a sunburn was when I was 13 years old. I'm in my 20's now.

I've actually been dreading summer because with winter I didn't have to use a sunblock. (I started the regimen on Oct. 1) However all my life even when I just smell sunblock I break out in cysts. I seriously hate the damn stuff.

What I've been doing is using Aloe Vera gel a lot. I've heard it has some very light sun protection, that and the fact for me it gets rid of all my redness in double quick time.

Still dreading summer and the testing of sunblock.

(Looks out the window and shivers)

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Likewise. I use Rapsoile (no idea what that flower is called in Finnish). I was using olive oil earlier but it was too heavy. Using natural oils has been the only thing that has not broken me out. I think it has something to do with the pigment or coloring dyes that are used. Everytime I use something with some sort of coloring tint my skin goes nuts. (This makes finding makeup a huge issue)

I've used the Aloe Vera gel for almost 7 months and so far no problem. I'm hoping this is all I need for summer.

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For me I think BP makes my skin more photosensitive. So I use SPF. My skin gets red easily now if I'm in the sun for more than 15 minutes.

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I think if you spend time outdoors, a sunscreen is a smart addition to the Regimen. It can be difficult to find one that suits your skin. I've found, for myself, that I can tolerate zinc oxide and titanium oxide but any of the chemical sunscreens burn and irritate my skin.

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Hmm for right now I think I can wing it. I'm never in direct sunlight for more than 20 mins when running around doing errands.

I've grown up hating the sun. I've actually become more of a night owl since I don't enjoy going outside during the day.

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So, does aloe vera gel have some sort of a light sun protection or not? If not, I have been looking for a few choices that I could try.

1. http://www.favora.fi/tuotteet/?cat=3

SPF 15 by Titanium Dioxide, not with chemicals. Fragrance and colourant free. Water proof. Contains aloe vera and allantoin.

2. http://www.eucerin.co.uk/sensitive_skin_fa...luid_spf_15.asp

Likewise SPF 15 by Titanium Dioxide. Also fragrance and colourant free.

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I've had nothing but bad experiences with sunscreen so I've chosen to avoid it completely. Might sound bad, but I take steps to limit sun exposure as much as possible (go out only at night where possible, use sunglasses and sun-shades when in my car as well as my hands to stop sun hitting my face directly, etc).

I have darker skin so am probably not as sensitive to the sun to begin with, but yeah - I got sick of breaking out due to SPF products long ago, my current regimen avoids it and I'm seemingly 90% clear 90% of the time (I would have had mild-moderate plus ~3 cysts at a given time prior to starting the regimen) thanks to sticking to simple products and not trying new junk on my skin.

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Well, I bought the one made by Finnish Favora and oh my god, it's amazing stuff. It goes on very smoothly and it doesn't clumb up, it doesn't have that natural sunblock smell and it doesn't irritate my skin. It doesn't even leave that white haze on your skin.

Now I just hope that it doesn't break me up :P

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