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I need some advice on my skin :|

So I'm really new here, but I've been reading the boards for a while now. I think you guys give great advice so I was sorta hoping you could help me too =)

I would actually say that my acne is veryvery severe, but I don't ever get cysts or nodules. Just a load of other stuff. What do you think?

Well, I was about 13 when I got my first pimple. It wasn't a problem back then, cause it was just like one every two weeks. About a year later I got a fringe (bangs) and my forehead got a bit worse. Is it possible that these two are connected? I find it kinda unlikely.

Then when I was 15, I started using just a little bit of concealer on my cheeks and nose. I don't even know why, it just made my skin more even. I think my skin went a bit worse after that, so I started using foundation on my whole face (except my forehead, cause you can't really see it because of the fringe). I also used pressed powder, both from Max Factor. I have a really really strong feeling that this made my skin a lot worse. I didn't even think that much of it until this summer, when I finally looked at myself in the mirror and saw how horrible my skin looked. It's been getting worse ever since :\

My cheeks were always clear (or almost clear), but now they are almost as bad as my forehead. My chin got like this about half a year ago and basically, there's no part of my face that's clear except for a really small patch on my left cheekbone. It's making me very deppressed actually. I feel like I'm missing out on so much because of this. I can't look at people in the eye, I avoid sunlight and basically feel like crap around my friends who all have perfect skin (of course).

I still get compliments about the way I look, but it doesn't make me feel better. I know I would look great without acne, I even got a few offers to start modelling, but I feel like I can't until I get rid of this problem. I think if my skin was perfect, I'd look okay without makeup. I'd love to wear my hair back finally and not be worried about covering up my face as much as possible. It's just really really bringing me down.

Well, I went to see a dermatologist since it's gotten this bad. He said I haven't done anything to help my acne go away and prescribed me this azelaic acid stuff (it was my first time, I've used a ton of over the counter stuff and nothing helped). He also said that if this doesn't help in a month, I'm a candidate for Roaccutane (yeah, I started crying at this point cuz I never knew it was that bad lol :\)

This azelaic acid seemed really bad at first, my skin looked worse than ever. Now I'm 3 weeks into it and it's helping a little bit.. Active acne dries up really fast and it sort of flattened my skin, but I still get new pimples every single day!! It totally sucks. And when I get home from school I just feel like crying cause my makeup doesn't last long enough and I basically look like crap. My skin is really oily (because of the makeup?) and looks terrible (though I know it looks a bit better with makeup). I'm using Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline at the moment and having mixed feelings about it.

Yeah now for the pic.. It's pretty bad. I don't know what people who've called me beautiful would say if they saw this :| And sorry it's censored, I just really couldn't bear someone seeing it cuz noone knows how bad my skin really is..


Sorry for the long post lol, and also excuse my bad English (I'm a foreigner). I was just wondering if you guys have any advice for me. Like if I should get Roaccutane, what I should do and any reccommended makeup/products/regimens. Really anything would be awesome =) Anyone?

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Awww honey! Im sorry youre feeling bad about your skin. If it makes you feel any better, I do not think your acne is severe severe based on that picture at least. I would call it moderate. You dont have cysts or nodules and thast what severe acne is. You dont have scars either. You have a lot of redness. Maybe you can try Dans regimen and see if it helps.

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I think you should try other stuff first before accutane. I think it is better to use that as a last resort.

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i've pretty much tried everything and NOTHING works. i mean not even a slight change. azelaic acid seems to make it worse to be honest..

i've done a lot of research on accutane and i'm sorta scared, i know it's gonna take loads of time to show a difference and get a lot worse before it gets okay, but i've run out of other options, basically :\

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