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Rampent pustules with overly DRY skin

I'm 23, a male, and have had acne since my early teens. I actually went on the regimen for the past couple years with great success, but I'm eager to get to the root of the cause. For this reason (and the fact that my moisturizer was discontinued resulting in breakouts with any others), I've been off the Dan's regimen for a couple months.


I tend to get pustules around my mouth and down towards my chin, as well as non-inflamed acne on my forehead as of late. Currently all I'm doing is washing once a day with Basis sensitive skin bar, and moisturizing twice a day with Eucerin's Q10 anti wrinkle cream. The Basis bar seems to be the least drying of the ones that I've tried, and the Eucerin cream seems to be the most effective moisturizer.

The unusual aspect of my condition is that my skin actually seems overly DRY, and not overly oily. Even with only washing once a day my face still seems tight and somewhat irritated. The resulting acne seems to stem from the dryness/irritation at least partially, and before I moisturized it was much worse. As an experiment I've actually stopped treating my forehead completely, and it still seems dry to the point of flaking if I don't moisturize.

I tried Joba Oil for a while but it simply didn't cut it, and my skin was extremely irritated. I'm also taking a Zinc supplement, but for all I know that's actually increasing the dryness.

One reason I went off of the regimen was fear of becoming dependent. Since then I've actually read that that isn't much of a risk with BP, so I may just start it up again.

Any other tho'ts on my particular brand of acne? Thanks!

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