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Well, its the first day of my acne/acne scar log. I thought it would help me if i wrote things down and to see how things change in the future with respect to the acne/acne scars. I thought it may provide some information to others as well.

Ok, so far i've had roaccutane for 5 months in the past (stopped at the end of 2002). I thought this drug was excellent at stopping acne. I saw improvement 2-3 months into the treatment. Dry lips, skin and eyes were the only problem. It stopped all acne on arms and back first. Effects on face were seen in the 3rd month. Acne reduced no doubt, and was 95% better with acne. Used Blistex cream for the lips, which was excellent and baby oil for skin dryness.

However, i was left with acne scars from old and the newer spots. Not due to the roaccutane, but the spots. Some were slightly indented (rolling scars). I have had 5 n-lite treatments at the end of 2003, and i think it has helped with the rolling scars. No effect on acne or red marks. I have light asian skin and am 24.

I now have some acne (returned quite recently), but it is different from before. I get tiny bumps (whiteheads) on the cheeks, and some of these evenually inflame up and become spots. The problem of acne and scars is on the cheeks and slightly on the temples. I also have red acne scar marks from old and new acne spots. This is probably the main problem now.

I have tried Mandelic acid a few months ago. I felt it was ok. It made my skin very dry and flaky, but helped a bit with the red marks. However, it did start a major breakout, so I have stopped using it.

Problem list now:

1. Red acne scars

2. Trapped whiteheads in cheeks that become spots occansioanlly.

3. Slight shallow rolling scars (not such an issue following the n-lite sessions)

4. Quite dry skin. Not oily at all.

I am about to begin:

1. 10g/day high dose vitamin B5 to help control the occansional acne breakout.

2. Use benzoyl perioxide for the whiteheads

3. Use TCA complex for peeling off the redness and help with the slight indentations.

4. Laser: Considering Vbeam or IPL for acne scar redness. Will use smoothbeam for the remaining indentations, if i can afford it, (SB is very expensive here in the uk) otherwise another course of n-lites following the redness laser treatment.

5. Considering microdermabrasion - to help exfoliate the skin thoroughly, thus preventing more whiteheads.

I use aquaous cream to moisture the skin. I also use it once at night to wash the face with, instead of Imperial Leather soap (which i use in the mornings).

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