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confused about regimen...help

hello people, i am new to this board.

i don't really get some things about regimen treatment..

i got BP cream few days ago, and in it's manual it is said that you should wash it off few minutes after applying..

and in this regimen instructions i can't see when do you have to wash BP from your face! is it before applying moisturizer, or some time after???

it's confusing... help!:=S

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Hi, I m no-expert in this....

but apparently, the 'washing-off' means you are using a BP-Cleanser.

The Regiment's most important thing about BP, is the 2.5 % GEL....., not cleanser.

btw I m using Benzac AC 2.5% for 3 weeks now, so far so good.

There are huge lists of products and reviews found in this site.

Good Luck.

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thank you for answering..

I guess you are right, but i don't get it what difference it makes? It's still a BP product.

Here were I live, there is only one product with BP. They call it -suspension-, and it has 5% BP. And they say you should keep it on just for a couple of minutes. So i guess thats equal to what you call a BP wash:)

so i dunno what to do now.. i cant find any other product..:(

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