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Hi my name john

this might be completely out of the blue but i've been looking at you, and you seem like a very interesting person.

i would love to get to know you better, can i can get your number? and we can go out to eat or go watch a movie, you know just get to know each other

if a radom person that you never saw b4 said this to you,,, what would u say?? is this anappropriate thing to say?

i always wanted to do this, just go up to a random girl and just ask her out,,\ just forget about the condition of my skin and just through with it. even if i do get rejected at least i'd know that i saw what i wanted and had the courage to go for it.

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hey bro, john is the name right? Acne or no acne, thats not gonna get it done. I hate to be negative but these days you gotta sort of iniate a conversation and then add in there "hey do you wanna hang out sometime?" You can't just walk up to a girl and say you look interesting can i take you out. Im sure your intentions are nice and your a good guy, but in todays modern world people dont think that way when being approached like that.

Its tough but you gotta iniate more of a convo and then kind of slip it in there.

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Nah that's putting her on a pedastool.

Walk up with your mind clear. Say the first thing that comes to your mind. It will usually be funny.

Get her laughing, don't use logical conversation.

Don't ask who are you, what do you do? where are you from?

Bullshit guys, they hear it everyday...

Make witty observations about stuff and amuse yourself first.

Ask her for her number naturally, don't fumble on words.

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