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Imperfect Ending

I've never been in public with my shirt off since I was 12 :(

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8 years later and it's worse than ever.

I don't know what to do with my body acne, tried everything except pills.. ( I don't like depending on pills ). I have it everywhere that's possible for acne to form, face, upper arm, back, neck (everywhere except my forehead- strange enough) . .. everywhere! I have black scars all over my body too..( yeah... i've been trying to pop them .. woops :) )


I think covering it up makes it worse...I've been wearing a sweater to go everywhere since 14 or something to cover up the neck, back and arms.

Thinking about it I should really expose it to the air and light or something... hmm...

I would like to go back to the beach in the water someday.. :(

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when I mentioned body acne the derm recommended accutane says it will help alot. I refused it tho cuz of the blood tests and stuff. im on evoclin now have u tried that?

also i know what u mean. lots of the pretty girl shirts are low cut or show back skin and I can't wear it cuz of acne spots.

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:comfort: I used to have acne everywhere too, face, chest, back, upper arms,

it was the most impossibly frustrating experience ever. 'Cause it's like, on your

face is bad enough, but then it's everywhere and you don't know what to focus

on or work on, it's so draining. Hang in there :comfort:

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i have it on my back and cheeks. im only useing antibacterial soap for the back ance right now. idk how well it's working though.

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I use to have acne on my back..and at that time i didn't give a hooo ha! I just wore my swimsuit and swam....seems like the water really did help my acne though..(salt water please) ...

actually for the first time i'm breaking out on my neck..and it's cold here so i wear scarfs to warm my self up..but i think it's making it worse..so i stopped for a week and it seems like it's really helping...i think u just need to expose your skin to some air and some topical and you should clear up....

but the problem is reaching back there.!! curse it!

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I was the same as you man. Been 5 years. I took minocycline to get rid of the cysts. I then used retin-a to clear my back up as much as possible. This will be the first summer i go swimming in the lake... maybe not in public but that could happen shortly!

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i used to have bacne but they miraculously disappeared. it was weird... they were all forming along my spine and nowhere else. now i'm left with all these ugly spots that have been there for years. i still had chest acne up until a couple months ago but accutane got rid of them. i think in a few months i'll be able to go shirtless. hopefully...

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