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Does Salycilic Acid (the 20% Skin Laboratory one) work for blackheads. I've tried pretty much everything, including Mama lotion for 2 months (with no results.) Also, does it help with red marks and/or acne?

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dude!!!!!20% sounds HORRIBLE!!!...that would like tottally dry your skin out and make your acne worse in my opinion..if even 2% makes me dry i wouldnt even want to think about what 20% would do.

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This is actually a peel so you wouldn't want to use it daily. If you go through with it, make sure you follow the directions. If your skin is sensitive or irritates easily it may be too harsh for you. I have had weekly peels (total of 6) done by an esthetician a few years ago (don't recall the percentage). They do work quite well for blackheads. My skin is pretty tough so I didn't experience any irritation. I actually use a 20% glycolic acid cleanser and have no problems. Just be careful.

EDIT: One other thing to point out is the difference between a peel and a 2% treatment. With a peel, you are only leaving it on for 3 to 5 minutes or so and then you remove it. With a 2% topical treatment, you typically leave it on 12 to 24 hours.

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