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I am having great results with a low sugar/carb diet

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Hi everyone I am compelled to post this as I've had some great results in the last 7 days. Basically this has cleared up my redness tremendously (about 50% so far) and im hoping it will continue to improve, I am really quite amazed.

I started a low carb/sugar diet after reading some e-book on a 'rosacea diet'. You don't really need to download it as it is very simple to explain and I'll tell you what I did and am doing.

Just to be clear I have facial erythema since taking the drug Accutane over 2 years ago. It is a persistent moderate red flush on my cheeks/nose that gets redder. I have no bumps or pastules or anything, just redness.

Basically what I've done is limit my sugar consumption the past 7 days to under 5g a day (the book says ZERO SUGAR, but many foods have trace amounts that add up. eg 0.4g in cheese etc) and a max of 30g carbohydrate a day. My diet usually consisted of heaps of Carbs/Sugar and this has been quite a difficult shift (probably over 5 times less carbs then normal). The first couple of days I got unpleasant headaches, stomach cramps and irritability. The most important thing is not to give in to cravings and stick to it. By the fourth day I noticed an improvement, my face didnt look as flushed and basically looked more 'settled'.

I am not sure 'why' not eating carbs/sugar is helpful, but I believe a few theories hint at these foods feeding inflammatory infections in the gut, and by limiting the consumption you starve the bad yeasts/bacteria resulting in less inflammation. If you want detailed information you should google 'Leaky Gut Syndrome' as I believe it is the most popular theory.

It's amazing how much food is high in sugar/carbohydrate, which indicates how far we've come from the old days. The diet you will be following, as I have, is very prehistoric, basically MEAT AND VEG!, and I few tricks to cure cravings which I will share.

Basically I've been eating these foods for Lunch/Dinner/Snacks

5star 100% Beef Patties

Lamb cutlets

All Vegatables

Chedder Cheese

Gourmet Sausages (look for low carb/sugar content)

Bacon (yay breakfast)


Honey Leg Ham

BBQ Chicken

Chicken/Lamb Kebabs

Grilled Fish with Lemon

Mince and Vegies

Carrots with Dip (Hommus, Tzazikiki) - makes a great snack

Black Coffee - to cure coffee cravings, no sugar/milk

100% Cocoa Powder with 2 teaspoons of Cream (Cream has little to no sugar/carbs) -- good for chocolate cravings










Seasonings on meat

Supplements im taking-

2000mg Omega 3 Fish Oil a day

Vitamin B Supplement (100mg of all V vitamins in a capsule)

Acidophilus Bifidus (Pro-Biotic)

anything else is basically common sense.. just low carb/sugar. check all your food labels. You might think a can of Baked Beans is healthy enough until I looked and saw it had 12g of sugar per tin.

I really don't think vegetarians would be able to pull off this diet. But I am a happy carnivore and love meat so it hasn't been too bad, and with the results I've seen and how I'm feeling today (the 7th day) I am going to continue with it.

I have 2 peices of fruit a day. (Kiwi and Bananas). It IS sugar, but its fructose which the body easily converts and doesn't sit in the gut so its better, just don't go overboard, and watch out for that initial sugar withdrawel in the first few days.

hopefully other people will find improvement like I have.


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Iam currently day 10 into a low sugar diet. Like you i read the low carb diet in that e book, but i didn't fancy trying a low carb diet as i have heard that in the long term it isnt good for your general health. I have heard that it causes the body to consume muscle for energy....being a bloke i dont want that. However i do think that cutting out all sugar (and i used to eat a lot) has helped my overall redness a little. Iam not gonna say its been successful yet as it may be that iam just seeing what i want to see. Iam keeping a log of how often i flush and so far it does seem to have limited the flushing a little. I would say to anyone with a similar problem that it is def worth a try.

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