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"Oil Cleansing Method" on Body?

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Information on the OCM can be found by searching Google. This link is a good one.


In it it basically says that using all these harsh chemicals and products are bad for our skin, which I believe is true. I believe we evolved for millions of years, without the use of soap, and other man made cleaning products. Our skin has evolved to be healthy ON ITS OWN. I'm wondering if there's a way you could incorporate this "Oil Cleansing Method" into your body care, and not just your face. I would assume the blend of oils and process would be the same, but to open the pores I wonder if a practicle idea would be to stand in your shower, with the curtain closed, and leave extremely hot water dripping from the shower/faucet (NOT touching you, just to create steam), for about 15 minutes, then wipe off the grossness with a hot wrung out washcloth, and then pat yourself dry with a clean, dry towel.

Has anyone thought about doing this? Or better yet, tried it?

I have Keratosis Pilaris and mild acne on my body, and acne/blackheads on my face. I'm willing to try anything, so even if I don't get any replies on this, I'm giving it a shot.

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pochahontis21 used it and she told me it dried out her skin so she stopped this method. Maybe its worth a shot though because everyones skin is different

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