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Green Tea Pills

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I just bought some Green Tea supplement pills, and they contain 630 mg of green tea in each serving. They also contain 25mg of Hoodia in each serving. It says to take 2 capsules twice daily. I know a lot of people on this board drink a lot of green tea, and have good results with it. I'm just wondering if I'll get good results at this dose, or if I should take more. I've read that some people on here drink 10 or more cups of green tea a day, but I just can't. I like tea, but one cup a day at the most- any more than that gets kinda sickening after a while. I haven't read about anything bad happening by taking in large amounts of green tea, so I'm assuming it would be ok to maybe take 6 pills a day instead of 4, but I just wanted to see if anyone who knows a lot about green tea could help me. What is the ideal amount of green tea per day? Thanks!

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Or does anyone know how many mg are in a cup of green tea? That way I can figure out how many pills equal one cup of tea.

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Take 1 maybe 2 as one cap has anywhere from 4-10 cups worth. Infact too much green tea can do the opposite of its positive effect.

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