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Sup Guys I need some help on what to take?

Sup guys i have taken so many antibiotics and they all have work ok for like 3 monthe then wolla they are back..

So i whas thinking of takin somthing that you can use for as long you whant ..

Now when the summer comes i dont wanna sit in i so badly wanna go out and gett girls and have fun biggrin.gif/

So i started using bensoyl 10%.. i have tried 5% before and it dident help at all.

Well i started using 10% on my back and on my neck and every thing whent clear it toke like 5 days only amazing i say =D> thil now after 2weeks i starting to gett relly dry around my nose i aint even using it in my face was to scared to try it there..

But on my back and neck it looks good not even dry..

so i whonder do you think i can use this on my face and if i getts dryer should i stop ore will the dry ness go away??

And another cuestion

i whas thinkin in getting (vitamine a) i read some interesting things i cant belive the docktor havent thold me about this..

So i whonder is it save to take vitamine a whitout consulting a docktor ?

do it dry out the skin?

dose it work for many?

take care guys

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ive been using proactiv solution products and i take 10 grams of pantothenic acid and my acne has been clearing up really well. i recommend both of those

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