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Week 3....will I ever poop the same again?

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Well my skin looks great. Its dry not one pimple. I do have lower back pain. I have been drinking lots of water. If I could only poop right, things would be great!

I have been taking a laxitive tea and some herbal things. I went to my GP today and she told me to take Miralax. I hope that gets me regular again.

I think my biggest issue is constipation and the lower back joint pain. Hopefully that goes away soon.

Anyone else have #2 issues?

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Oh gawd! Yep, gotta say it affected me also from months 1-3 into Tane. I was bloaty and gained 5lbs. I eat good and go to the gym, so this was a nuisance for sure. My Derm. said to up the water big time, and that helped. I also took Miralax once a day for about a month. Finally, it all worked out..... By month 4, I was back in business.

It all should work it self out (well kinda literally, ha). Take care.


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I also have a red face. It gets hot. Wierd. It is like I got a chemical peel, then it peels. Hmm, maybe I won't need to do any peels by the time I am done.

I also have bloody nose, but that is only because I am so dry. It gets that way anyway in the winter.

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