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Long-term purpose of antibiotics?

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I've read that antibiotics do help fight acne, but when you stop using them, they don't work anymore. The period of time during which you can take them is also limited to about a year, because bacteria tend to become immune to it, and it's not good for your health to have them for a longer period of time.

So are antibiotics just a temporary help, after which I'll have to switch to something else such as Accutane? If so, what's the purpose of not starting right away with Accutane?

Thanks for your help.

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Antibiotics, whilst you're on them get rid of acne and stop it forming. If it's moderate type then that stops you getting further marks and scars which take years or may never go. I've taken many antibiotics for much longer than a year as well with no resistance and no side effects.

Personally I would never go on accutane because it can mess you up permanently in many ways.

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i've been on minocycline for a little over a year now. This time last year i was breaking out every day and it took about 6 months before i was 'clear'. However I am slowly showing signs of resistance, most predominantly during my menstrual cycle when my hormonal acne (which was always my worst break out time) rears it's ugly head once again. Nothing major but still.

I am due for a review soon and i just know the doctor will want to take me off mino(gradual reduction) but i'm so scared as i feel it will only return as it has done so many times after antibiotics in the past. I hope to stay on it a little longer and eventualy i think i will end up giving in after almost 7 years and doing a course of accutane as i hear this has a 40% chance of putting acne into a *permanent* remission.

I have had side effects from antibiotics including headaches and recurrent thrush. Once I have finished the mino i shall be taking probiotics to combat the candida.

I'm not recommending accutane, i have declined it for many years now,but i have taken antibiotics so many times and i have never completely gotten rid of acne so i just feel like why not give it a shot. The physical and emotional pain and depression that 7 years of acne have caused me can only compare with the effects of tane now. I see antibiotics as only a short term fix. I am now looking upon changes in diet and a dose of tane as a longer term one.

Everyone's different though in terms of side effects and results so don't forget that.


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