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Because I had a bad initial breakout, and lots of other compliants I went to these boards fairly often during my first few weeks on accutane, and honeslty they scared me, made me feel like my chances of it working were 50/50. Today, I realized i havent been on these boards since then, and I realized why, because its working! After the first month, HANG IN THERRE--it WORKS and people only come on these boards to bitch and whine when they are NOT happy with results or have very rare scare stories to tell. DONT LISTEN, i'm approaching 3 months on tane and it probobly took a month and a half for me to have NO new acne. It was very up and down before this point- I'd breakout, slowly clear up, break out, rapidly clear up even better , and break out again. After this point I've had no new acne (everything else is pretty much gone) and my scars (the major problem) are slowly fading each day. I do have VERY dry and itchy skin, am frequently tired, and i get drunk alottt faster but its worth it. HANG IN THERRE to all those who are feelin down adn that accutane will not work for them, cuz it WILL.

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I experienced every single word or that paragraph too. I just came back to these boards, realizing I haven't been on them simply because my skin has been doing so well.

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