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My rosacea treatment

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My skin has always been fair and flushed easily but recently after being on accutane it got the worst its ever been and seemed to be uncontrollable. Mostly on my forehead and around my cheek bones red marks would come and go every few hours and my skin was really itchy and dry and moisturizers of any sort only made it worse.

My mother has a mild case as well and she showed me a treatment she had been taking so i tried it as i was out of ideas.

I know it is hard to believe, even for myself, but in less than 1 day I saw amazing results, I asked my mom just to make sure I wasnt crazy and she was shocked as well. Again, I ever only had a very mild case of rosacea but it was enough to cause me a great deal of stress. It was a started pack she had bought from http://seabuckthorn.com/.

I have now order a 2 month supply.

When i first tried this regimen out I started off with the SBT tea which made my skin less irritated and itchy within an hour though by the end of the night (about 4 or 5 hours after I had the tea) i still had the normal red marks around my face. The next day i woke up and took 2 of the SBT pills and headed to work but noticed i still had some marks on my forehead and was a little stressed about it. I got home and had another tea and a few hours later (about 12 or 14 hours after taking the 2 pills) i decided to go check out my progress and was shocked.

A day later i tried the SBT oil and bar of soap, i used the soap while showering and applied the oil immediately after. (fyi i was very very hesitant to put the oil on at first but now i apply daily) The bar of soap seemed to dry my skin out quite a lot and resulted in some red marks appearing but they faded away quite quickly and didnt reappear. Though, i feel my skin is too sensitive to use the soap daily i try to use it every other day but the oil daily.

Also i have just started this treatment within the last 7 days so im still testing it out thoroughly but really i am so thankful that my mother recommended it to me, the results are astounding.

If you are feeling hopeless about your rosacea id advise anyone to check out http://seabuckthorn.com/ or just google the term seabuckthorn and read the info on what the plant is and what it does.

If you do decide to try it my advice would be to start out with the tea, next day add the pills, next day add the oil and follow that with the soap.

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