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Im DESPERATE. My skin has been crystal clear for MONTHS and suddenly...WHAM. I have 2 big fat pimples just waiting to surface. I talked to some people and read some reviews and because I"m worried about the effects of cortisone, I want to try this, but I have NO idea where to get it in Canada. I googled for store listings and can't find any..... I cant wait for delivery on this puppy, I need it NOW (also would like to purchase locally so I can take it back if its crap).

I sound like an ideal candidate for this thing. Someone please help!!! Where the heck is this thing sold in Canada?

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They sell it at Shoppers Drug Mart. They are incredibly expensive ($220) I bought one and it was USELESS!

Sweet, thanks! The location I called just happened to be ghetto and not carry it, but I called a few others and they have it. THANKS!

They said the price is $180, and that if it doesn't work I can return it. I'll try it out and report my results.

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5 hours and I don't really notice a change. I'll wait until tomorrow and check for a difference, there were 2 pimples and they describe exactly the type it should work on....JUST forming ones.

I'll update tomorrow. But, I did keep my receipt. I'm starting to lose hope. :doh:

As I sat there holding that thing to my face I couldn't help but feel robbed....and consider holding the mug of green tea I had on it instead..if this thing isn't a miracle worker I'm going to be pretty annoyed that I spent $200 on metal that heats.

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