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stupid cysts!!!!!

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well i have mild acne..and im on differin gel and doxy..but i still get like 1-2 big cysts on my cheeks..one after another..i dont know what to do anymore i do ice compresses and they help with pain and swelling but i need to end this problem..ive tried basically everything..if this continues i think im going to go on accutane..any thoughts or advice for me? thank you!

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yes my advice to you is dont take accutane if your acne is mild. On the otherhand, if you have a history of depression in your family I wouldnt recommend a high dosage of accutane and a low doseage would probably be fine and wouldnt cause severe suicidal ideations or other horrible side effects. In other words, take a low doseage of accutane would be my advice. Of course you can do whatever you want though. I cant live your life for you

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O.K, heres what has stopped me getting cysts, still have a bit of mild acne around cheeks, but havent had a cyst in a while.

I wash twice daily with :

Lynx Shock shower gel


Clearasil Ultra deep pore treatment scrub

Clearasil Ultra deep pore treatment wash

At night I use BP, quite a lot of in areas where a cyst would likely develop.

I also take a lot of zinc gluconate and Vitamin C (About 100 - 200 mg a day of zinc, and anywhere between 2000 - 6000 mg vitamin C)

I also take around 2 Psyllium husks daily.

This has really worked for me, not had a cyst in weeks now. Had a couple that felt like they were going to come up, but put a bit of tea tree oil on them and continued with this regimen and they never even made a blemish.

Hope this helps you, it certainly did for me.

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