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What product is this? (On TV too)

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Does anyone have a clue what this acne treatment is? The advert appears on UK TV (recently) but I can't remember the product name. It starts off with a girl who feels uncomfortable going out because of her spots. But the product is a quick acting one (if I remember correctly) which clears up her spots. Wish I could provide more info but I really am unsure.

Maybe someone else has an idea of the advert and can provide more detail?


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Sorry, but I have absolutely no idea, I'm from Australia anyway, we have adds exactly like what you're describing for a product called clearasil.

Speaking from experience however, most tv advertised, supermarket acne medications (clearasil included) don't do S***, visibly clearer skin in just 3 days they say ... In my opinion they are mainly marketed at teenage girls who consider themselves to have a sever acne problem just because they woke up one morning with a tiny red dot on one cheek.

Just my 2-cents.

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Thanks for the reply anyhow ;)

Yeah a lot of it is about money, you have to be careful. I just have a few which need tidying up though - notably the redness. If the spots are reduced somewhat and the redness goes down, I'll be happier than I am now. I think the redness looks worser than the spot, since I have fair and sensitive skin--so it stands out a mile. When you are feeling run down especially because you always look tired and 'heady' as it is. The redness can look awful.

What I might do is give both these products a try:

Freederm (for the redness) and Neutrogena Rapid Clear (as general acne fighting). I could do the freederm first thing in the morning, and the rapid clear in the evening. Perhaps that will work?


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By the way, I don't suffer from severe acne luckily - but my skin type doesn't help because it always makes my face so red when I get them. Other than that I wouldn't splash out on lotion but just wait for the redness to vanish on its own accord.

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