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Accutane experience w/ Dr who invented it!!

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I started accutane today, Feb 1st 2008. 40mg/day. 23 year old female. My dermatologist is also the dr. who invented accutane.

I moved in August and was looking for a dermatologist in my area. I just googled someone close to my work and made an appointment. I saw this doctor in September and after running down my history of antibiotics/creams/acne during my appointment he wrote down a doctor's name on a prescription pad and basically said "Go and see him; he's in the area and he invented accutane." So I did! I called right away but I didn't get an appointment until December.

We went through my history and basically determined that the type of acne I have is adult-onset, deeply rooted in my genetics, and the kind that scars. Ruling out any horomonal imbalance, accutane is the only drug that will treat it. Given my history, that seemed about right!

I started breaking out when I was 13. Topical creams and antibiotics worked really well and my skin was relatively clear. When one antibiotic seemed to be losing effectiveness, I switched to another. By age 16, I had been through every antibiotic out there. I didn't have horrible breakouts or severe acne but it was consistent and persistent. The only drug left was accutane. I wanted to avoid it at all costs. I tried repeating some of my first antibiotics but that didn't help. After one somewhat severe breakout I decided to go on accutane. I started in November and I was on it until the following June (8 months). The last 3 months my skin was clear but I would still get 1-2 pimples a month and my dermatologist said that shouldn't be happening. So I stayed on it until it was completely clear.

It worked wonders. I didn't have a single pimple for about two years - not one! The side effects (dryness) lasted for a while after I stopped accutane but eventually my skin went back to "normal" THEN.... I went to college. And my skin started to break out again. It was really minor at first but with time I was eventually back to where I started. And this acne was different. In high school, my acne was moderate and cleared up in a day or two. My problem was with "consistency" more than severity. This acne was more severe. It was under my skin and I could feel it coming out. Once it did break out, it didnt' clear up for nearly a week. Some months my skin would be remarkably clear. And then out of no where I would have pretty bad acne. The rest of my face was clear but the area between my chin and my cheeks would break out non stop. Long story short, the dermatologist I'm seeing now told me that this is in fact different than the acne I had in highschool that the 1st round of accutane cleared up. It's a type that usually doesn't come out in women until they're in their 20s and it scars. Topical creams/antibiotics have little to no effect. So accutane once again it is!

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Took my first pill this morning with breakfast. 40mg/day. I have a total of 3 actives - all on my right jawline. For some reason the right side of my face is always a lot worse than my left. I've only had one active on my left side in the past 3 weeks.

Right now my skin is remarkably clear. I told someone yesterday I was going on accutane and they didn't understand why - that was nice to hear but my skin has a mind of it's own. Clear one month, a mess the next.

I'm really really worried about an IB. Fingers crossed it will be early and quick, if at all.

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Not much to report. A couple new actives - all on the right side. The three actives from day 1 are taking much longer to heal than normal.

Skin/lips aren't too dry - I've been using aquaphor and chapstick. Cetaphil face wash in the morning and lotion twice a day.

I have a feeling my dosage will be upped.

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