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While on accutane should I refrain from messing with whiteheads?

I never have, and never will, pick my acne with my fingers or anything like that, but I have always kept a clean needle in my bathroom, and I very carefully and gently let the stuff out of the pimple if I do get one with gunk in it...because it looks a lot better.

can I still do this while on accutane?

also... I use a concealer that has an active ingredient: Sulfur 8%

Should I stop using this while on accutane? It covers up my red spots really well, and seems to help heal too...just wasnt sure whether I should refrain from using it now..??


I used to use Neutragena oil free acne wash for my face and body...should I discontinue this?

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this is kind of urgent... i mean I want to know if I should or not lol...


Don't pick and don't use anything else. Simple.

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i feel like a derm these couple of days... you should definitly use the oil cleanser because i think oil promotes accumulative dirt build up and especially when your on tane, it will force flakey skin which is also gathered under the oil. use a cotton pad, wet it, squeeze it, put the oil cleanser on it and gentily scrape away the dirt and. once youve done that, use another cotton pad, wet it and then use it to wash away the oil cleanser+dirt and keep it wet every 1-2 scrapes so your making sure your washing off the cleanser and dirt. finally, take another cotton pad, wet it, squeeze its misery out and then apply it to your face to gentily dry it. you should then apply moisturizer (non comedogenic) that do not clog pores. Also it is recommended that you use cotton pads from makeoffs or whatever. it works better and is easier than those cotton balls

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ok well...

i asked about the cleanser because it has a salyclic (SP?) acid content, and I would assume it at least has some sort of a different effect on the skin...

Also is what I described picking? I mean...I dont really pick at my pimples, I just barely touch them with the tip of the needle, just to let some of the white stuff out.

Is it really that dire of a thing that I must stop doing this?

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