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Why People Think Masturbation Causes Acne

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So I've been experimenting with my sleep a lot in the past few months.

One major thing I have noticed is that when I get poor sleep, my sex drive goes through the roof.

When it's really bad, I can...and have...gone 5-7 times a day...no joke.

And then, when I stabilize my sleep, my sex drive goes back to normal.

Connect this with my other observation, that poor sleep causes an out of balance metabolism, and you can see how poor sleep can cause both acne and a high sex drive.

This is why people think masturbation/sex leads to acne.

They get poor sleep, their sex drive goes through the roof so they can't possibly resist masturbating or having sex. They also get acne from the metabolic changes induced by poor sleep...so they think, oh it must've been the sex/masturbation!

But really, it's all just sleep.

The reason why sleep changes so many things is that our bodies have these built-in adaptations to different seasons.

Poor sleep mimics the summer season in a lot of ways with low amounts of darkness, high activity.

Summer is the mating season - high sex drive.

Summer is when there is more food around - metabolic changes to increase appetite and change insulin secretion.

These changes, especially when sleep is taken in a very unnatural direction such as pulling all-nighters, getting 5 or fewer hours of sleep a night, sleep deprivation in general, and an erratic/irregular sleep schedule, will lead to major problems in the body as a whole, where acne is only one small part of a bigger problem.

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