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Retin A for scars after tane?

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So i've recently finished accutane a few days ago and I was thinking of getting Retin-A for some maintenence mainly for making scars look better and improving my skin texture, of course i'll have to wait 2 months or so until accutane takes its last circumitive effect.

I've been left with moderate-faily severe scarring (mainly some deep ice picks and somewhat rolling scars) after my harsh acne which left my skin with holes and an uneven texture.. and Retin-A supposebly help reduces it alot?? How effective is the scar healing on retin-A??

I've also still got alot of black heads on my nose and a few clogged bumps/pores on my face that accutane forgot to get rid of and heard that retin-a works wonders for them. Is it really effective?


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I haven't used Retin-A in a long time but when I did (off and on for several years), I didn't notice that it had much effect on scars. It just doesn't penetrate deep enough into the skin to affect anything but the most superficial scars.

You should check out the Acne Scars sub-forum for a lot more information on the various options out there: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showforum=7

Oh, and as far as blackheads, Retin-A can definitely help with those, but you might want to try some over the counter stuff first. I've had some good experience scrubbing with buf-puf facial sponges and salicylic acid pore cleansers.

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I agree. It will help a lot for clogged pores and possibly even red marks as it makes the skin renew faster. But you might want to look into other options for indented scars (though they will likely even out by themselves somehat over time).

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