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I love that song. I sing to it when I'm sad or bored.

Lately my boyfriend has been really bitchy and he makes me feel so horrible I can't even stand talking to him. I love him so much but I never feel comfortable with him. He is so beautiful and his skin is so smooth.

I always feel so disgusting when he says he loves me.

I always tell him I hate him or to shut up.

I dunno maybe I am better off being alone. With acne and all the scars I have really become a terrible person. It is so hard to love someone and not be able to let yourself be close to that person. He just called me recently and asked me to go out with him but like usual I said no I was busy.... another stupid lie.

I don't know what to do anymore. I hate this so much. Acne has seriously destroyed me. I feel like I can never be happy. I just want to fall asleep and never wake up.

"Nothing to do, no where to go, oh. I wanna be sedated"

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Ya know, someone really liking you that much is pretty special, I wouldn't

ruin it if I could help it. Does he know how you feel? If he cares about you

(seems he does) he'll probably understand if you explain it.

I'm not just blowin' steam either, I've messed up a lot of friendships because

I felt bad about the way I looked. And the ones I didn't mess up ended out

being okay because those people, turns out, don't care how I look. And

that's a great feeling :)

Buck up :comfort:

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being sedated is kindof how i deal with a lot of things.

actually i'm pretty much doing that today since i have the means.

however, i wouldn't recommend it for anyone else. its not really living.

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