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Shall we massage after applying BP?


I think most people will massage their skin after applying bp.

But i feel like it will lessen and thin the amount of bp on my skin.

so can i just leave the bp after applying and let the skin absorb it? or does it absorb in this way?

i have been using panoxyl 2.5 and quinoderm 5.

thanks for your comment

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"Massage" isn't quite the word - you want to "glide" your fingers over your face very gently, barely touching your skin but so you're moving the bp around.

Really massaging or rubbing the bp in (what we normally would think of doing) can be too irritating and does mean a lot more product gets on your fingers rather than your skin. So the trick is to be very gentle. Another thing that helps is to only use one or two fingers from each hand... takes a little longer, but the fewer fingertips touching your face, the fewer things there are to absorb the bp away from your face.

I think the benefit to the gentle motion is that it keeps the bp "moving" while it's absorbing, so that it doesn't dry out. If you put the bp ON your skin and just leave it alone, a lot of it will just dry up on the surface of your skin, rather than absorbing. Sometimes you can even see the dried bp, which doesn't look nice, and it's not as effective, so that's not helpful either!

It does take time to properly apply the bp but it is worth it. I've been off & on this Regimen for over two years, and I absolutely notice a difference between the times I just "put bp on my skin" and the times I really work with my fingers and patiently help it absorb.

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I think silver star explained it quite well.

I just want to add that when the BP takes on a kind of tacky, dry feeling, that's when you stop. It should feel a little like if you were to keep rubbing it in, the BP would start clumping up or your fingers would not move smoothly over your face.

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Thanks for your comments~

I tried it just now~

so it's generally like moving the bp around until it turns a bit sticky and harder to move, right?

hope it works better, tom. i will see the result~!

unfortunately...bp darken my redmarks a bit~ >.<

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Yes, that sounds about right. Like coolaskimdeal said, you'll feel when the bp is pretty well absorbed because your fingertips can't slide over your face as easily. Your face will likely be just very slightly still "wet" feeling at that point, but the last bit of bp can absorb pretty well then.

Try it out and see how it goes! Good luck :)

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