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It sucks not being able to drink... ahhhh especially on new years.. That was a killer =/ I cant believe I have to wait till the summer. I mean, I wasn't a real "drinker" but I liked having that option...

Sucks I wanted to take Nyquil but that had alcohol in it so I couldn't....

Initial breakouts- nothing too too bad.. they seem to get a little worse when its that time of the month.. or is it just me?

Stupid hand bumps/red patches/ i just applied hydrocortisone cream with aloe.. I hope that helps=/ My derm appt is friday i wonder what she'll say to me.

I really dont know if i've seen much progress in my skin...=/ I hope accutane works for me. but you can never be too sure.. coming from a person who's tried everything in the book...

I have way too many problems right now.. I'm having trouble concentrating at work- I know its the accutane and I even friggen cried the other week there cause I thought I was gonna get fired! (Thats not like me AT ALL.) ... I'm also scared my vision going to get worse as I'm driving at night.. I know thats a side effect and I heard that people lost it permanently. I've always had perfect vision, so I'm a little apprehensive...

Just waiting for these months to go by....


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Just FYI, you can take nyquil. It doesnt have THAT much alcohol in it where it'll affect you. Drink lots of water throughout the day so it'll flush out your liver.

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