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my roaccutane log

started my roaccutane course yesterday. 60mg per day.

i am 15 years old and first had a moderate breakout late 2006.

i noticed one of my friends was taking roaccutane and how effectively it was working, so i saw my doctor. she precribed me tetralysal 300.

i took this for a couple of months without any real improvement.

during this time i had kept on asking my parents if i could go on roaccutane, but they were worried about what effect it might have on me, (my dad has an abnormally high cholesterol and has to take a crap load of medication every day to basically... stay alive :P)

finally they gave in and agreed to let me have a bloodtest.

once i was in the all clear my doctor finally agreed on roaccutane.. BUT she wasnt allowed to prescribe me it, so she had to book me an appointment with a dermatologist, (this took 3 months)

and FINALLY (after around a year of confusion and waiting) i am now on a course of roaccutane.

(sorry about the essay :whistle:) lol

im a bit confused as to how long the course is lasting. my derm didn't exactly give me a clear answer. he just said "come back in 9 weeks".

so yeah, i decided to keep this log to keep track of progress each week and for people to post suggestions or advice that can help me towards being clear! :dance:

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I start my course in about a week. My Derm put me on 60mg as well. I am a 26 year old female weigh about 135-140 lbs. I did tell him I weighed 145 lbs so I hope the dosage is not too high for me. Seeing your progress really makes me feel alot better about taking it. Your skin is looking very nice. Hope all is well with your treatment.

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