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is non-ablative laser unsafe during accutane?

Hi all..

I wanted to do some vbeam or non-ablative laser to reduce my acne marks and scarring on my face..

currently in tane month 5..

I have read a lot.. from forum and sites that were written no laser during tane.

But that was for laser as a whole... but for non-ablative laser..

my derm say it's safe..

as long as it doesn't burn your skin.

yes.. tane impair ur skin healing ability.. (i know.. that's y i have scarring easily now)

but what i read as non-ablative laser

nonablative laser rejuvenation procedures attempt to achieve a dermal injury response without injuring the epidermis. Improving the appearance of skin without injury to the epidermis is a hallmark of nonablative laser rejuvenation

from http://archfaci.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/full/5/4/310

All nonablative treatments improve skin texture and tone, some improve wrinkles or surface irregularities including scarring, and some additionally address dyspigmentation and/or erythema and telangiectasia. The epidermis is not visibly disrupted in nonablative treatment.

from : http://www.skintherapyletter.com/2003/8.4/2.html

so from the above.. i'm puzzled.. since nonablative laser aim to improve skin without damaging your epidermis.. isn't that perfect to use during tane?

I wanted to do vbeam and some nonablative laser to heal my bad marks/scarring.. but i'm still very uncertain due to the overwhelming response that laser is really bad.

Anyway as i have like 4 more months to go.. due to my low dose course.

so do anyone here did any laser or peel during their tane course?

and should i still not go for it??? cos somehow i'm really worried that it would turn out bad too.. haha .. thanks a lot for any advices and replies

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i kno how u feel, im on my second month of tane (claravis 40 mg.) My face is clear and i really want to try some more smoothbeam laser treatments to smooth out the craters on my temples. ive actually had 3 smoothbeams a couple months before tane with no burning of the skin. but i will ask my derm if its safe.

P.S. getting laser for acne marks (dark spots) is a rip off. i would recommend to get a skin lightening cream with hydroquinone.

only get laser for acne scars, since theres nothing topical to help.

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i don't think its safe because i have been researching lasers to and i was told by my derm to wait a few months after accutane and the place that does the lasers wouldn't even do it for me until i was 6 months post accutane

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