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Products at Shoppers Drug Mart

This has probabaly already been answered in other topics but there are so many that I don't have time to read through them all for the answers.

Before ordering the products from the website I would rather try to buy something similar in stores.

Basis Sensitive Skin bar has been suggested. Is this available in Canada? Namely at Shoppers Drug Mart. If not, what is suggested as a similar product?

Neutrogrena on-the-spot has also been suggested. Again, is this available in Canada. Namely at SDM. If not, what is suggested as a similar product?

Finally, Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion has been suggested. Available in Canada? SDM? If not what is suggested as a simila product?

Thanks for your help

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yes you can buy cetaphil products in canada (shopper's, london drugs...). You can also buy neutrogena on the spot here too. I would recommend buying dan's bp. even with the regular ground shipping to canada it works out cheaper than the neutrogena. Also, for a skin cleanser, I suggest Spectro Jel (pretty sure u can get it at shoppers and london drugs). good luck

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If I was you I would order at least Dan bp, because of the size, its worth it and can last you a long time. While you wait for your order to arrive, you can go to a local store and pick up some cetaphil gentle cleanser, neutrogena on the spot and cetaphil moisturizing lotion...

Im from Canada too and when I order Dans product using those standard usps shipment, I usually receive it faster than 1 to 3 weeks I get it around 5 to 7 days exclude weekends..

If you have the money I would order the Dan kit include: 1 cleanser- 2 bp - 1 moisturizer -->

its a good deal and Dans product are awesome. But be cautious that if you buy the kit you have to pay for custom....

Heres a tip not to pay for custom: if you only buy 3 dan bp you dont have to pay for custom because of the weigh and its less than 50$

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I use the cetaphil oily/combination skin cleanser right now...

would spectrojel be better?

I'm still a bit skeptical about buying Dan's products over the internet...I've bought stuff over the internet before just to be disappointed.

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