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duac and benzamycin

They may not be that different in composition, but they are on the other end of the spectrum in terms of effectiveness!!!

Duac once daily gel = absolute rubbish. Don't even go there.

Benzamycin Gel on the other hand is hailed as a miracle treatment by a lot of people, including me! It is that good. I thought I was cured from acne when I used to use it. But.. I can no longer get it because it's been discontinued in the UK, which is an absolute disgrace. I've heard there's still some chemists that have supplies but my doctor won't prescribe it any more.

So yeah if you can get it benzamycin is the best there is.

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forggget that.

duac zaps zits like nobodys business.

once your skin starts tolerating it (will burn first week or two), you will be able to literally see the zits disappearing in a matter of days. in conjunction with tazorac, from my experience.

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well i guess people like and dislike duac. i've heard all positive things about benzamycin. i'll mention it to my dr and see what she says. thank you.

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Benzamycin - Erythromycin (antibiotic ) plus benzoyl peroxide (5%)

DUAC - Clindamycin (antibiotic) plus benzoyl peroxide (5%)

Only difference is the antibiotic. Also, I know Benzamycin is alcohol based. DUAC may not be. So that could be a difference too.

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