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Are these scars or just red marks left after acne?

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I had brown hyperpigmentation which started with being red marks, it wasnt anything i put on them that changed them, so sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference.

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I dont understand how people cant tell the difference between red marks and scars. Surely the giveaway is in the names?

Be nice! This is a support forum and thats not a very welcoming way to express yourself to a new member

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Red marks = no depth, or very little depth, texture of skin is not noticably different vs normal skin but you get a red spot that does not go away like a blush would. Red marks can also "flare" up when you're stressed both physically and mentally, becoming redder for a short amount of time then it goes back to its original color again.

Scars = physically depressed or raised skin, could have redness in it or it may not. Sometimes scars improve on their own but I really doubt that anyone has a red depressed scar for years where the redness in the scar never changes. A lot of older people with potholes in their faces do not have any redness in their scars, since I guess these scars have matured over time where normal skin is covering the flesh in your face, only now it is not smooth and on the same level as the rest of your face.

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