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Diet and acne

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everyone will have different responses but in general:

-typical junk processed foods and fast foods, pretty obvious

-refined grains, sugars, excess salt, funky chemicals

i personally also stay the clearest when i avoid:

-dairy. a small amount of goat cheese occasionally doesn't hurt me but otherwise i avoid it.

-refined grains, sugars. these kill my face. i can feel my face acting up almost immediately after eating them.

-excess salt makes me break out

-eggs make me break out too although most people dont break out from them

-i try to a avoid grains (pasta, bread, oatmeal, rice, noodles, baked goods, etc)

my safest foods skin wise are: greens, other veggies, small amounts of not too sweet fruits like apples/berries, beans, natural peanut butter in small amounts, coconut oil/coconut, tempeh, pumpkin seeds, raw nuts in small amounts, olive oil/olives, cultured/fermented foods, pumpkin puree.

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Just to simplify and add a bit to that:


1. Avoid all junk food (incl. high sugar cereals, chocolate bars, fast food, etc.)

2. Avoid all dairy products (incl. cheese)

3. Avoid all wheat/gluten-containing products.

That's the cycle I followed and so far the 3rd change (avoiding gluten/wheat) is what's given me the greatest amount of change both digestively (loads less discomfort, bloating and gas) and in my skin (a lot less inflammation, acne is more pink now and less red).

I also noticed that once I avoided dairy the oiliness of my face decreased 10 fold; it still gets oily if I'm stressed or exercise hard but not like before.

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I know everyone's triggers are different...but what foods in general should I avoid to help prevent acne?

Avoid all foods that cause acne:





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