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My severe acne-need help

Hi im a 19 year old male. My acne isent cystic or anything but I would have trouble calling it moderate since it covers 90% of my face and my skin is really red. For the most part its whiteheads that are popping up every day and they become red marks that take forever to fade. My acne used to be just on my cheeks for the most part but ever since i started using prescription topicals my whole face is covered in pimples. I was put on Differin by my regural docter 9 weeks ago and thats when everything started to become worse.

Last week i went to a new dermatologist and he put me on Tazorac and Tetracycline(250mg 2xday). I did ask about accutane but he said he doesent prescribe accutane anymore :(. That pissed me off but oh well. He told me tazorac has worked very very well on his patients and it should work for me so he told me to come back in 4 months. I eat healthy, take vitamins, keep my skin clean, but despite this my skin is just getting worse. My regimin as of a week ago now is..

morning: Wash face with acnexus, apply cetihphil moisterizer, take a tetracycline

night: Wash face with acnexus, apply moisterizer, apply Taz, take a tetracycline.

I wash with acnexus because of all the good natural ingredients found in it and it doesent dry out my face. The taz is doing enouph drying and making my skin red.

Acne is really ruining my life i know i could be having much more fun and be more succesfull if i dident have acne. My girlfriend is pretty much the only friend i spend time with because i dont think she minds my acne. Wish i have prefectly clear skin like her wtf. Anyone have some encouraging words for me about Tazorac(only been using for a week) and if it should end up clearing me up in the end or maybe something i should change to get clear skin?

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I think anexus was a scam... never tried it, but thats just what I heard

If I were you, I would go to another derm and ask for accutane


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I gave up on one derm so far I kinda feel like ill just be stupid to give up on anouther...plus i dont know of anymore derms around where i live. Im just going to stick it out with Taz and hope to god it clears me up.

Acnexus is a scam? Im quite sure that acnexus doesent work as well as they say it does but it does however make my skin feel nice after washing with it and it seems to hydrate my skin better. What do you think the best wash for my face would be that doesent dry my skin?

Starting 2nd week on Taz and my skin looks pretty bad.

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