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Okay, so my skin is an oil bag.....my nose, my cheeks, my forehead, and my chin (I hope I didn't leave anything else out) Does anyone know what to do about oily skin?

I just wash my face with regular soap and water twice a day. (and for that, my face is clear) But I have mega oily skin! If I try to use stuff that gets rid of oil on your face all it does is make my skin mega dry and then after a couple days my skin is twice as oily! If I put on make-up all I get is a shiny look, I feel like a spotlight is on me, and I am reflecting it off blinding anyone else who comes near me!!! :X Okay maybe not, but still oily skin is not a very amusing thing to have.

I curse all oil on my skin!!!!!!!!!! [email protected]$# :X %@@#[email protected]$% :X %@#$ Anywho, Any good advice would be just GRAND!!! :X

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Use 50% alcholo that helps. Also you might try to make sure no hair is touch your forhead area. I would also look into some facial mask. Also i would probably use some of those things that soaks up excess oil its like little blue sheets that give you about 50 of them and you can dap your face with those to get rid of the extra oil. You might want to consider Going on prescription bactrim this will cut down on allot of your oil. Its taken orally and it has allot of sulfic stuff in it. It wont hurt ya but it will keep your skin much dryer. also you might want to go to a doctor and check on hormonal imbalances this can lead to oil imbalances as well.

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I know you may not think this now, but oily skin will be a blessing in years to come. My grandmother's 93, and has had the same, incredibly oily skin as me her whole life. She now has hardly any wrinkles, and a great complexion, all down to her skin being so, naturally well moisturised all these years !

I know it's a pain having oily skin, especially where makeup is concerned. Don't add any oils to your skin, and try T Zone oil aborbing sheets, you can keep them on you at all times and take off excess oil without ruining your make-up. Also, don't use really harsh drying out products no your skin, they only make the problem worse,

good luck,

tink xx

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I use Oil Refiner and Matte Scientist by Origins for my oily skin.  It lasts all day and it is terrific.  Nothing has worked better than that.

Ihate ? Do like origins products? I bought the charcoal mask and use it once a week and found that it breaks me out. I was considering getting the matte science but was scared that it would break me - how do you apply it? After the BP? After the mosturizer? Please let me know. thanks.

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