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[superb Blemish & Acne Clearing Medication]


This stuff is crazy~! I actually saw an ad for it in a magazine and since I've purchased almost every other acne/blemish fighting medication out there, I thought why not this one too..it's worth a try sweatingbullets.gif .

I went to Target and bought the tube, which was about $13. The directions said to apply to the affected area 2-3 times daily, which is common for most acne/blemish medication.

The smell was nice, clean and didn't overwhelm me throughout the day. The medication was white and didn't leave an oily residue on my skin after I applied it (this was probably one of the best part, because my skin is oily and not only does the treatment not weigh my face down, it keeps it fresh and shine-free throughout the day! hurray!).

I saw results within 4 days: my acne began dwindling, the blemishes disappeared, and my skin tone evened out. The medication even moisturized my face and made it feel super smooth~~ WOOT! w00t.gif

[before getting the Aveeno treatment, I saw the Bio-Oil thread and ordered a bottle. I was using the Aveeno for a week or so when the Bio-Oil came, soooo I decided to switch over to the Bio-Oil for a few days to see if it'd have a more dramatic effect than the Aveeno. It's been almost a week and the Bio-Oil hasn't kicked in yet..I'm going to wait a little bit longer and if nothing happens, back to Aveeno I go! smile.gif ]

If you're in the same boat as me with the whole acne/blemish problem, I really really really recommend the Aveeno Clear Complexion Treatment~ It's worth a try because it is available in the U.S. and is cheaper than the Bio-Oil :]

This is from the Aveeno website:

"This revolutionary blemish treatment is clinically proven to visibly reduce dark or red marks left behind by blemishes, while it also helps clear up breakouts. Its patent pending formula contains a blemish-fighting ingredient, a pure-active form of Vitamin A and an exclusive Total Soy Complex to help clear up and prevent breakouts, visibly reduce blemish marks, and even out skin tone. Used daily, this correcting treatment will soon reveal clear, smooth, even-looking skin.

Additional Product Benefits Include: oil-free, noncomedogenic, Dermatologist tested"

"AVEENO® scientists created a unique way to process the soybean to retain its naturally active benefits, which led to the creation of Total Soy Complex. This patented soy technology was found to reduce discoloration by evening the appearance of pigments in the skin's surface and is clinically proven to even skin tone and texture"





Here's a picture of me before and after! >___<; Sorry, I couldn't find a clear close up of myself before the Aveeno treatment, because who'd want to take close-ups of their blemished face, you know? tongue.gif The after picture has not been tampered with = no photoshop and no foundation/powder/concealer (just eyeliner ^____^). You can tell the after shot is pure because you can see my pores >___< and freckles and yah sweatingbullets.gif, quite embarrassing actually :[

^ well was reading all that in a different forum and thought Id give it a try.

I used to have red marks on my cheek, from popping pimples. I didnt have crazy bad acne but it was still pretty depressing to me. So I tried this for a month and amazingly my skin is 10x clearer and 100 % redmark free. NOT SAYING IT'LL WORK FOR EVERYBODY AND IT'LL COMPLETELY HEAL SCARS but since I only had a little acne to begin with I guess its normal for it to heal quickly.

my before


(you can see the redness on my cheeks)

my after picture.


(taken from my myspace)

no foundation or anything! just my eyemakeup that I forgot to wash off before going to sleep.

I love it<3

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Hi. Your skin looks truly amazing. I use Cetaphil Cleanser for sensitive skin. Last summer I tried Spectro Jel but I didnt care for it as it felt like it left a residue on my skin. If/when I feel the need to change I will use the Aveeno product you use.

Thanks for the tip.

Merry Christmas

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