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good bp cleanser? will it help? what about salicylic face wash?? proactiv??

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I am breaking out sooo bad. I am so tired of this. EVerytime this happens I get on ebay and I start looking at Proactiv stuff. I am thinking about buying a lil trial kit on ebay and getting the green tea moisturizer. I am so frustrated. I know it didnt work for a lot of people on this board but I guess I need to try it for myself. I am just scared it will just make my face worse.

I guess I could just go to the store and buy a BP face wash. I wouldnt want it to have a high BP percentage though. Maybe use my Aqua Glycolic face wash in the morning and the BP was at night? Would that be to much?

Also-what is a good BP face wash. ...or do you think a salicylic face wash would be better??? my regimen is in my signature.


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i use oxy 10%bp wash...i luuuv it..it has made my stubborn breakouts a thing of the past!! i highly recommend it...except that in the beginning it is a little harsh so start out using only once a day..just to see how your skin tolerates it...i prefer it to salicylic acid washes which only make me break out more for some reason...good luck and keep us posted!

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i think if u want a bp face wash use the zapzyt one. I haven't tried it myself but I love the other product.

The best sal ac cleanser ever! or in my opinion is the one in my sig.

by the Image skincare line for acne. it has tea tree oil and other good stuff

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