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i am a 41 yr old male and over the last few years have gotten a number sebaceous hyperplasia on the face. I have tried the following with results:

-topical retin-a micro (tretinoin gel) 40% decrease in size of papule

-topical tazorac 50% decrease "

-topical epionce lite lytic lotion 50% decrease "

-topical cp serum 10% decrease "

-topical cellex-c 5% decreases "

-benzoyl peroxide 20% decrease "

-light electrocaughtery-not recommeded since approximately 1 out of 4 result

in a noticable hole in skin due to unpredictable results.

-levulan-decreases papules 75%-100% but result is temporary.lasts couple months.not worth

the money and time you spend red and peeling to get final result.

-fraxel-reduces papules by 60% but result is temporary not worth money spent

-oral isotretinoin aka Accutane at 10mg per day 99%-100% decrease in papule within 14 days**this is the best solution i have found** switch to 10mg once every 2- 3 days.

the only frustration is getting a dermatolgists to prescribe isotretinoin. none will suggest isotretinoin unless you ask and beg for it. this is due to the

big scare with accutane and risk of suicide. the new mandate in the u.s. by the fda and ipledge does not allow a dermatologist to write a isotretinoin prescription for sebaceous hyperplasia. it is not a covered prescription on health insurance for sebaceous hyperplasia either. my dermatologist told me isotretinoin works great and nothing works better, and that no topical lotion will resolve sebaceous hyperplasia. but he was bound by the rules of ipledge. i had to persuade my derm docter to agree to give me a prescription, then go over the internet and order it myself from a canadian pharmacy. thus paying for it out of my own pocket.

isotretinoin miraculously relieved me of sebaceous hyperplasia completely within 14 days.

you are supposed to limit your alcohol intake to little or nothing per day due to the taxing affect alcohol has on your liver and the potential toxic vitamin a affect in isotretinoin.

i have not been able to find any studies that indicate any negative affects of low dosage 10mg per day of isotretinoin. although with equal success, i changed to 10mg once every 3 days, after the first 2 weeks of daily dosage.

i know with higher dosages for severe acne such as 80mg to 150 mg per day can pose some additional risks. in any case no matter what dose, it is suggested to get liver function tests periodically to check if your triglycerides are at the proper level.

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Are you still active on this fourm? - I'm 40, had a relapse of some cystic Acne, and of course Sebaceous H started to show up from my late 30's into the present. What an insult to injury right? Doc put me on Amnesteem and you are correct - I am on Day 18 - and the SH is gone. I have about 4 months of the prescription yet, but will ask him about small dosage to maintain results, I'd like to buy it form the canadian pharmacy - where did you go?

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I'm suffering so bad with this. Myou self esteem is in the tolit. I heard when you go off the accurate it comes back. Is this true?

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Hmm...Not sure why you posted this in the diet & holistic health forum. There is a separate board in the forums dedicated to discussions about Accutane. You'll likely have more luck with your question there.

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